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Sculpted by the legendary 'Goblinmaster' Kevin Adams, this single-sided gate slots right into our fantasy ringfort gatehouse to create the most impressive fantasy fortress out there! This is a gorgeous sculpt that would also be very usfeul to the scratchbuilder; stick it on the side of an orc tank, or a chaotic standard bearer! 


PLEASE NOTE that the stone gatehouse towers shown above will not be provided. This is for the gate only and the towers are shown only to illustrate the gate in situ. 

These models are cast in grey resin, and you can paint them up by drybrushing straight over the bare resin (although we do recommend your normal primer). If you're in a rush you can put them straight onto the table! All roofs are removable to allow models to be placed inside.


This model is cast in Jesmonite resin and supplied unpainted. Whilst every care is taken to create a perfect cast, minor imperfections are occasionally encountered which may require filling etc, for these reasons this model is recommended for those with some hobby skills. This terrain is scaled for 28mm wargames. All 28mm figures are shown for scale comparison purposes only.

Kevin Adams 'Kevgate'

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