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Here are some reviews, recommendations and general kind things said about Fogou Models from Facebook, blogs and via email. It'd be very, very much appreciated if you'd like to send us a review by email, tweet one to us @Fogou_Models or leave one on the Facebook page!

Lughtegern, Lord of Mice, Kickstarter


This set is absolutely beautiful and as a having got the barrow entrance as well I've got to say your rendition of stone work is immaculate. I have traveled to many neolithic to iron age sites in the British Isles and this stuff seriously special. Painted up very well. The KS speed was breathtaking. Well done.

Sablefox, Kickstarter


I’ve brought all of Fogou’s back-catalogue of matching shacks, barricades and bits. They are brilliant. The resin compound is excellent and solid feeling, details are crisp, and there are no mould marks. Since things like roofs, aircon, and porches are separate, you can have multiples of the same buildings and still have each one clearly unique (not just a paint-job) via mix-and-match. Based on these, I am really looking forward to this KickStarter delivering.

Steve Byrne, Facebook

Awesome kits. Lovely to put together and a real pleasure to paint!!!!

Richard Jordan, Facebook

This guy's stuff is amazing, My order had no casting flaws, ready to paint barring a little brushing. Looks like real scale stone. I don't know how long it took him to create these models, but if it took anywhere near the time it took for me to create realistic stone textures in a similar scale it's definitely worth the money.

Matt Whiteman, Facebook

Got my terrain through today, was worried as the box had been battered to all hell by royal mail (as usual) need not have worried, it was all ridiculously well packed, and none of it was in the least bit damaged. Lovely kits, well made and just what I needed at a great price. Plus a lovely little note from the owner inside the box (It's the little touches make the difference)

Will be singing this companies praises from the rooftops.

Carl King, Facebook

lovely models, perfect for Burrows and Badgers, Frostgrave and SAGA etc



Daniel Martin-Corbin, Facebook


Ordered my models via a Kickstarter pledge, I'm happy and surprised to say that they arrived early and didn't see any delays. Look lovely, looking forward to painting them. Thanks!

James Daniel, Facebook

Amazing quality terrain, sharp details and great colour resin (could even be used without paint - although more fun to paint ‘em). Perfect for any type of skirmish/war game. Endless possibilities across many different eras 11/10 ��

Ray Carpenter, Facebook

Received my order today. Have to say these are excellent models...really looking forward to painting these...Really fast service too... Recommended...

Greg Licitri, Facebook

awesome range of scenery!!!! excellent customer service, go, go, go!!!

Chris 'Curis' Webb, FACEBOOK

My package arrived super quick after ordering. The outhouse is a quality kit, with the the rubblecore interior and facing courses. Lovely attention to detail. The casting quality is spot on – (I bought some resin terrain from another manufacturer last Salute and still haven't filled all the bubbles in them). I've been singing Fogou's praises to my friends and am planning to buy more sets to flesh out a gaming table later this year.


(And as a final minor note, I loved the printed logo on the box.)

Steven Owen, Facebook

Excellent models and really good communication when the Roal Mail messed about with my order. Offered to provide some free stuff when I re-ordered, although luckily the models did eventually arrive. Really can't fault them! Dieing to buy more stuff!

Jean-Baptiste Garidel, Facebook

Top quality, excellent details and painter friendly, what more to ask ?

Nicholas Holmes, Email

great model, wonderful detail and fab customer service

Geoff Solomon-Simms, Email

The scenery is cleanly sculpted and cast with no sign of air bubbles. It has a pleasing weight, and a firm surface without the powdery finish of plaster or high cost of resin. The dark grey colouration and well-defined textures make painting quick and effective. The choice of building is one which is not (to my knowledge) available elsewhere and which stands out as beautiful design. I would highly recommend these pieces to complement a dark age or fantasy battlefield.

Richard Andrews, Email

Thanks very much for dealing with my order so quickly.  The models arrived very promptly, well packed, and I'm really pleased with them.  They don't seem to have any casting blemishes such as air-holes. They are painting up nicely and with such deep detail in the stonework, they should look good with washes and dry-brushing. I love to put models on my wargames table that give an instant sense of the time and place, so these are perfect for my Dark Ages games.  Hope you make some more.

Rene Lafargue, Email

Your models are remarkably detailed and dare I say, even more incredible in person.  Just amazing stuff!

Mark Krier, Email

Hi! 🙂 I retrieved the models from the post office! I'm absolutely speechless...incredible quality! Painting will start very soon!

Axel Schudak, Email

Hi, I just got your domed church today, and I must say that this is a fine building indeed. In quality of the stonework it is on par with Tabletop-World, which is the highest praise I can currently offer.

Nick Buchanan, Email

I received the models in the post last week - stunningly detailed and beautiful sculpts and I'll really look forward to painting them

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