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The Fogou


Crawling out from a Cornish rock, Fogou Models is a small but growing range of models designed to satisfy a variety of gamers, painters and modellers looking for high quality toy buildings to push high quality toy soldiers around next to.

The Models

Fogou models are created to be compatible with as wide a range of 28mm miniatures as possible. I aim to scale each piece to work well with 'standard' and 'heroic' 28mm figures.

The models are cast in Jesmonite, which is a composite of gypsum powder and acrylic resin. This is VERY strong and can be carved, filled, drilled, sanded as with other resins and plasters

The Refunds and Returns policy

If you have any issues with your order, please contact Fogou at Whilst great care is taken to ensure that your model is of the highest quality, minor imperfections are inevitable. However faulty items are returned to us at our own cost, and a replacement or refund provided.

Fogou Models is not responsible for any delays or customs charges that you may incur whilst ordering from outside of the UK.

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