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Finely detailed adobe construction perfect for a wide variety of DRY gaming set ups. Cute green psychic babies, gringos who like their mules a little bit too much, Crusaders, modern insurgents, Desert Rats and Afrika Korps; if you have a desert gaming mat you'll want to get some of these!

Cast in cream coloured Jesomite resin, there is no need to wash, simply brush off the dust an paint s you normally would. All roofs are removable to allow models to be placed inside. Comes supplied with a 'wooden' style AND scifi door.


This model is cast in Jesmonite resin and supplied unpainted. Whilst every care is taken to create a perfect cast, minor imperfections are occasionally encountered which may require filling etc, for these reasons this model is recommended for those with some hobby skills. 28mm figures shown for scale purposes only.

Domed Adobe Building

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