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'Carefully' constructed from Ironpith cactus, boilerplate, desert rocks and ad-hoc-crete; FORT HARDKNOX has survived attacks by the Big Booted Bovver Bois, scores of Mutant Rokkers, Bio-Troopers, Ratts, Bratts and Governor Gograx's Guards. FORT HARDKNOX keeps on truckin'!


The University of Hardknox contains six straight wall sections, one straight wall section with itegral tower, four corner wall sections and a large gate section. Also included are walkways and walkway supports for everything, shack fronts to convert the walkways into buildings, scatter terrain, a large standalone watchtower and small standalone watchtower, a set of ladders and individual plates for customising the fort. 


Lay your hard earned teef/tech/delicious rat meat down on a FORD HARDKNOX today and you can enjoy these benefits among many more...

-Flexible semi-modular design. Plonk it down on the table in seconds but create range of setups

-Minimal construction, simply assemble the three-piece walkways, push together the wall sections and you're done!

-Fort Knox is designed to take HARD KNOX. While you will want to be careful with the thinner sections (what else is new!) the wall sections are very tough, and don't need basing.

-All parts are cast in grey resin. No mold release agent is used, NO NEED TO WASH! Brush off any dust and get crackin'.

-While the set is designed as a PA fortress, the walls are equally useful in hive cities, ash wastes and shanty towns!


This model is cast in Jesmonite resin and supplied unpainted. Whilst every care is taken to create a perfect cast, minor imperfections are occasionally encountered which may require filling etc, for these reasons this model is recommended for those with some hobby skills.

Fort Hardknox - The University of Hard Knox

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